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The Convenient Moscow Project on the Moscow 24 Channel

25 September 2013 year

Journalists go into businesses, and businesses come to journalism. This autumn, Moscow 24 — the leading TV channel of the capital city — started showing our reports, focusing upon pressing issues (as well as solutions). Our products are featured in Convenient Moscow, a weekly project.

This is what our turnkey contents look like. We have quite emotional and dramatic shots, aerial footage, and precise, eye-catching re-enactments. Naturally, there are questions to the municipal administration, and its answers to us, Moscow's residents. Igor Shestakov, the ideologist of the project and the Moscow 24 general director, virtually gave us carte blanche. Our pilot video was aired with no changes made whatsoever.

Incidentally, many companies are looking to develop corporate television, but it is always a problem to find and manage a staff of reporters, directors, cameramen, film editors, graphic artists and editors. We are there to help you out. Now we deliver upon a weekly basis what used to take up to six weeks! Our rates have been slashed accordingly.

Other “Convenient Moscow” products:

Our production team:

General Producer — Andrey Skvortsov
Producer — Gennady Kondratyev
Co-producer — Konstantin Ganzhela
Project Manager — Aleksandr Postnikov
Animation Manager — Maksim Doronin
Animators —Sergey Sobolev, Dmitry Moiseyev, Andrey Zvyagin, Oleg Yushkov, Vitaly Golovanov, Nikolay Samoylenko
Camera — Andrey Novikov


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