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/Electronics Versus Paper: How Sberbank Helps Businesses Save Their Resources

Electronics Versus Paper: How Sberbank Helps Businesses Save Their Resources

7 August 2014 year

What happens to a consignment note after all settlements are made? How can an “ocean of paper” consume your profits? Perhaps you have rarely asked yourself such questions, unless you have suffered from the excessive use of paper..

Working on a video about electronic document flow for Sberbank’s customers, we learned a lot about the invisible war with paper: how the company managed to save the equivalent of four annual budgets of the Danish royal family, and how many square meters of warehousing area can be cleared of paper with the help of a single flash drive; how much the “birth” and the “life” of one document costs, and what to do if there are thousands of them. Sberbank offers a very useful product to its customers – the figures speak for themselves, and we just made them more visually compelling.

Watch the video and you’ll learn in what cases saying goodbye to paper is a good thing.



Russian version

Frames from the Reel:

Our production team:

Author – Tatiana Aldoshina
Production artist – Natalia Pustynina
Design – Anastasiya Kovalskaya
Storyboard – Victoria Spiryagina
3D animation – Dmitry Anashkin and Ivan Barmin
2D animation – Victoria Spiryagina and Dmitry Misharin
Editing and sound effects – Stanislav Tatarenkov
Music – Vladimir Sayko
Production director – Dmitry Misharin
Project manager – Katerina Miroshnikova


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