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VTB Arena Park a Sports Block in the Center of Moscow

10 July 2014 year

The world was just getting ready to discuss the World Football Cup, but here at Mercator, the passion for football was already running high. The creative team was arguing about the best alternative for representing the project for the renovation of the Dinamo team’s home stadium.

The VTB-Arena is the new name of the unique facility, which will consist of a football stadium and a multifunctional athletic and show venue – all under one roof. Our task was to speak not only about the stadium, but also about the large-scale reconstruction of the park, as well as the construction of the Sports Academy and a new block with residential and administrative buildings.

Interviews with architects, engineers and project managers; aerial photography and shooting at the restorers’ workshop; computer graphics, archival materials and even interviews with football players – the material we gathered would be sufficient to create a feature film. It was quite hard for us to surrender certain fragments, but the genre has its rules.

Frames from the Reel:

Behind the scenes:

Our production team:

Author – Tatiana Aldoshina
Director – Alexander Postnikov
Camera operator – Andrey Novikov
Video engineer – Sergey Solovyov
Aerial photography – Dmitry Klubnichkin, Denis Klubnichkin, Alexander Vasiliuk and Anton Struganov
Design – Andrey Kovalevsky
3D animation – Dmitry Anashkin, Sergey Sobolev and Maxim Doronin
2D animation – Maxim Doronin
Music – Alexander Saloid
Narrator – Sergey Vostretsov
Executive producers – Konstantin Ganzhela and Yelena Cherchik
Production director – Gennady Kondratiev
Project managers: Yevgeniya Demidova and Yelena Nagornaya

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