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/What is the Mission of Uranium One Holding?

What is the Mission of Uranium One Holding?

4 September 2014 year

Russia is cut off from major uranium deposits. There is no fuel for its nuclear power plants, and the entire nuclear power sector is about to collapse. This is not a trailer for a new disaster movie, but real-life headlines dating from the late 1990s. We are well aware, though, that not a single nuclear power plant has been shut down – on the contrary, Russia keeps building new plant units. Who won the battle for resources in the global market for uranium? What does power engineering in the future look like? Watch our new video commissioned by Uranium One.


Frames from the Reel:

Our production team:

Author, Director – Mikhail Katsal
Design – Natalya Pustynina
3D Animation – Dmitry Anashkin, Artur Prokurov, Ivan Barmin
2D Animation – Roman Varlamov, Artur Prokurov, Andrey Grekov, Dmitry Misharin
Music – Vladimir Sayko Editing – Stanislav Tatarenkov, Andrey Korygin
Production Director – Dmitry Misharin
Project Managers – Andrey Kozlov, Evgenija Demidova


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