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/The Sberbank CIB Team Demonstrates its Team Spirit in Any Situation!

The Sberbank CIB Team Demonstrates its Team Spirit in Any Situation!

21 April 2015 year

The adrenalin of transactions in the financial markets, and the will-to-win spirit of the track. Competition between global investment giants, and ice hockey drama. The Sberbank CIB team believes that their success is built upon the same principles, whether in sports and finance, and there is nothing to break their commitment to be the best. This idea underlies the concept of the video, where sport meets business.

This video was created for an internal corporate event.

The shooting process pulled everyone together. Competing in the dirt of playgrounds near Moscow proved to be as good a “team builder” as any team sport, and bloopers (a few pucks hit the cameraman instead of the goal) were included in the BTS video.

P.S. Only Sberbank CIB staff starred in the film.

Shots from the video:



Scriptwriter and director — Mikhail Katsal
Design — Natalya Pustynina
Director of Photography — Andrey Novikov
Camera Operator – Alexander Belov
Backstage Operator — Vitaly Pronin
Lighting — Dmitry Rogov, Alexander Rogov
Engineer — Sergey Solovyov
Composer — Vladimir Sayko
Editors — Stanislav Tatarenkov, Andrey Novikov
3D Graphics — Vladimir Tarasov, Dmitry Anashkin, Ivan Barmin
2D Graphics — Dmitry Misharin, Roman Varlamov
Supervisor — Vladimir Tarasov
Project Director — Evgenia Demidova
Project Manager — Elena Nagornaya
Project Supervisor — Ekaterina Miroshnikova
General Producer — Andrey Skvortsov
Managing Editor — Tatyana Aldoshina
Production Director — Dmitry Misharin

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