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/Sakhalin GRES 2 Power Plant: New Power for the Island

Sakhalin GRES 2 Power Plant: New Power for the Island

10 March 2015 year

Normal working conditions of Sakhalin power engineers look a lot like the most expensive set of a Hollywood disaster movie: they seem to have it all — snow banks and heavy rain, freezing seas and shellfish filling the water ducts of the power plant… The video that completes the cycle focusing on RusHydro’s Far East program required us to scrutinize everything that is associated with Sakhalin’s power industry, and our map-makers created a detailed 3D map.

Seeking to provide comprehensible comparisons we translated the plant’s heating power into Russian ovens, and electricity into kettles. Not all of those comparisons made it into the final version of the film, but the process was riveting.


Frames from the Reel:

Our production team:

Author — Tatyana Aldoshina
Design — Nastya Kovalskaya, Natalya Pustynina, Ekaterina Zinovieva
3D animation — Dmitry Anashkin, Dmitry Misharin
2D animation — Andrey Grekov, Dmitry Misharin
Music — Alexander Ospanov
Editors — Stanislav Tatarenkov, Andrey Korygin
Voice — Polina Oldenburg Production
Director — Dmitry Misharin
Project Leader — Katerina Miroshnikova
General Producer — Andrey Skvortsov

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