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/Stanislavskys System for Public Speaking

Stanislavskys System for Public Speaking

23 July 2015 year

Actors can be incredibly boring, and public speeches can be deadly dull. Why? And what can be done to make them exciting? Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky provided the right answer 80 years ago. He developed the System; however, few have managed to explain its basics in easy terms.

We picked up the gauntlet. We think we made it. The three basic principles of the System: Super Objective (why do it?), Action (only struggle matters) and Belief in the Given Circumstances (the “reel of images”) in a simple animation.

It will come in handy for actors and those who wish to make fabulous public speeches.


Author — Andrey Skvortsov
Editor — Valentin Teplyakov (honored art worker, Dean of the Acting School at the State Institute for Theatre Arts (GITIS) in 1991–2010)
Music by Eduard Gleizer (deputy head of the music department of the State Academic Maly Theatre)
Animator, Designer — Stas Odintsov
Producer — Gennady Kondratyev

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