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/Informational Kiosk for the Central Electoral Committee (CEC) of Russia

Informational Kiosk for the Central Electoral Committee (CEC) of Russia

The CEC of RF Web site 10 December 2003 year

Informational kiosks were distributed over the CEC building at the time of the elections. Anybody could view the 3D plan of the building, get statistical data on previous Parliamentary elections of 1995 and 1999 or Presidential elections of 1996 and 2000, view the electoral profiles of subjects of Russian federation.

Kiosks provided on-line representation of voting progress and preliminary result of current elections.

The data display system featuring such informational kiosks proved to be highly popular. It was actively used by journalists, observers, and parliamentary candidates. One could often see journalists closely watching the kiosks for a next information update..

The 3D model plan of the CEC building also turned to be useful: it helped many people to find their way to conference rooms, TV studios, smoking areas, snack bars, elevators or first-aid posts.

Informational kiosk interface and content were developed by the Mercator Group Web Studio especially for displaying of 2003 elections on the request from the Central Electoral Committee of Russia.

The interface was based on Studios proprietary software solutions.

The data viewing program was developed and optimized especially for computers enabled with the TouchPadScreen system.

The navigational system is similar to a standard Internet browser with a minimal set of large buttons. It ensures that even an untrained user could quickly find the necessary information.

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