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/Image Clip for the Pokrovskoe-Glebovo Elite Residential Complex

Image Clip for the Pokrovskoe-Glebovo Elite Residential Complex

6 December 2003 year

The clip combines all technologies except fiction film shooting.

We skip the stage of preparation of the script, the shooting sheet, and the voiceover text.

So, first there was shooting. To make smooth panoramic passages, we used a trolley.

Then a 3D model of the complex was created in order to provide a birds eye view approach. In addition to being beautiful, it clearly shows the building position close to the centre and in the forest, next to the shore.


After a draft cutting was achieved, postproduction work began.

The real sky filmed at the shooting was replaced by a more impressive one.


The color spectrum was slightly adjusted.


A balcony wrapped in polyethylene film (apparently, for repairs) was substituted with a clean one, copied from another storey and implemented in the video.


Finally, the smooth evening effect was achieved without the use of high-speed shooting.


Of course, a high-speed shooting would also provide the desired smooth evening effect, but at the cost of producing some flickering objects, a blurred fountain, clouds rapidly flying by. Already Eisenstein wrote that all these produce a feeling of anxiety. Which is precisely what we do not need.


The clip is aired at the RBK-TV channel.

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