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/Internet Kiosk for CEC of Russia on the 10th Anniversary of the GAS Vibory System

Internet Kiosk for CEC of Russia on the 10th Anniversary of the GAS Vibory System

5 October 2004 year

On the 10th anniversary of the GAS Vibory (Elections) system, the Mercator Group Web Studio provided the informational kiosks with new content and software shell.

The new program version, unlike the previous one, features an in-built video player, a new Internet browser system, and an autonomous kiosk management system allowing it to work without control of system administrators.

New kiosks were connected to Internet, so any user could visit the Web sites of the CEC of Russia and IKS of RF, browse the Electoral Statistics for 2003-2004 digests presented shortly before. The kiosk also allowed the visitors to view interactive maps displaying the results of Parliamentary and Presidential elections, make a virtual tour of the CEC of Russia building, and even watch films on elections in the Russian Federation, operation of the GAS Vibory system, and Russian laws concerning the elections.

System description

The new product allows to cope with some known problems of sensor touch-screens such as opening new browser windows, forbidding the use of selected links in opened Web pages, hiding of dialog boxes and script error messages at low-quality Web sites.

The in-built video player is launched directly from the browser shell and features all standard replay controls.

The system supports navigation throughout the sections and keeps record of user’s surfing over various sections and pages.

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