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/Visitor-survey system for Russias pavilion at WorldExpo 2005, Japan

Visitor-survey system for Russias pavilion at WorldExpo 2005, Japan

19 April 2005 year

The Central Election Committee of Russia suggested the organizers of Russias pavilion at WorldExpo-2005 (Aichi, Japan) to carry out an informal polling of the pavilion visitors using the ballot scanners. The scanners (manufactured by Krok Co.) were connected to a graphic system for results representation developed by the Mercator Group.

The counting of votes and displaying of results during the polling was carried out in the real-time mode, so that each voter could see how his or her responses are taken into account in the overall statistics.

Within the first week of the exhibition, over one thousand people took part in the survey. So far, according to the survey results, the highlights of Russias pavilion were the sections Space (containing a model of a sub-orbital spacecraft) and Nature (featuring an authentic mammoth skeleton).

The voting system can be useful for stockholders meetings, surveys of exhibition visitors, and other events.

The system of operational information display allows to produce 3D animation of broadcast quality in the real time mode, in connexion with any rapidly changing data.

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