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The film "Connecting countries and continents"

25 April 2005 year

The Mercator Group has created this bright informative video film by request of Russian Railways (RZD) JSC.

NewYorkFestival Awards 2006

Finalist Certificate
Finalist Certificate

The film relates on the role of Russian railways in the world transportation infrastructure, on the most important and interesting segments of international transport corridors: the Severo-Muysky Tunnel and the Olya seaport; it also presents RZD JSC as one of world’s largest companies, which has been conducting its business according to the international standards since the day of its creation.

The film tells, for instance, that transporting a container from Germany to Korea by the sea, via the Suez Canal, takes a month and costs US$3,500; while using the RZD networks, it would make the same road in 10 days, at a cost of $2,500. On one hand, here lies an advantage for international transporters; on the other hand, it means billions in profits for Russia.

Complex special effects were used here for the first time in practice of corporate film production in Russia. For instance, an ancient steam engine of a retro newsreel is transformed into a modern locomotive. The entire environment changes simultaneously. This visual effect illustrates the narrated text specifying that the railroad exploration of Siberia began more than one hundred years ago, but it is today that it acquires a new significance and a new international importance.

The ending of the film is quite interesting, too: after a second-long pause, the audience is shown average performance figures of RZD JSC over the time of the film viewing. So, “while you were watching this film…”:

The film was demonstrated at the Hanover Exhibition (the German-language version) and at the Russian Economic Forum in London (the English-language version).


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