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The Presentation Film for "Sibur Holding"

5 September 2005 year

The petrochemical company "Sibur Holding" assigned us a difficult task: to cover the whole range of the Company's products in a ten-minute film. The film was aimed at both petrochemical industry specialists and consumers of the Company's products, that is why the popular science aspect was limited to the film's title: "Petrochemistry For Life".

The solution was found after two weeks of arduous brainwork. It was decided to demonstrate five key stages in processing raw materials into more sophisticated petrochemical products ranging from associated petroleum gas to consumer goods. Each "step" contains three-dimensional manufacturing models, enterprise maps, lists of main products, figures and video materials.

In the course of film-making the crew visited six out of thirty "Sibur Holding" plants. Classic special effects were used in the film, such as swooping down to an object "from outer space"; it also contains four times more vivid three-dimensional diagrams than video footage.

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Its highest density of information notwithstanding, the film is easy and interesting to watch

The film was first shown in the "Sibur Holding" booth at the"Chemistry-2005" exhibition.


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