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Questions and Answers

- Well, nevertheless, what can StatViz do?
- Let us imagine that you have placed an order with us for a wonderful graphic presentation. The design will be your trademark one, all slides will be produced specially for you, taking into account the specifics of your business and information. StatVizTM will enable you to change number of columns (or whatever there is on the screen), all captions and figures, headings, color of columns, their scale and "zoom" on your own account via a simple interface (or directly from a data base). That is to update the informational component, without tampering with the core content. You will be able to select the required fragments of the presentation yourselves, swap their places, add or remove whole graphic blocks. The result can be recorded on DVD, demonstrated in a conference hall, a management office or on corporate TV (and much more). StatViz can do what you continuously need to do, that is - update information and generate new DVD presentations on the basis of corporate templates. StatViz is very simple, intuitive, customized specifically to fit your tasks and does not require special knowledge. Nor does it require training. StatViz, unlike computer graphics software, or, say, PowerPoint, will not provide you an opportunity of doing "it all". It is not its task. It "merely" continuously maintains the updated status of what a large team of designers, animators, analysts and experts have labored on.

- Cite some examples of StatViz application, please.

- You are welcome.

  • Coverage of Federal elections (at the request of the RF Central Election Committee (CEC)). In 2003 information on 23 parties split by 89 Russian regions was flowing from GAS "Vybory" (State Automated System "Election") five minutes before it went on air. In the course of these five minutes thousands of animated maps and graphs were produced, and any of them could be broadcast at journalists' discretion.
  • Weather forecasts on television.
  • Economic news on the "Rossiya" TV channel.
  • Report on financial and performance indicators of Mostransgaz Company.
  • Presentation for partners, customers and investors of Uralsvyazinform Company. The required scenario can be selected for each category of viewers, and information is always the most up-to-date.

- Where else can StatViz be used?
- Everywhere you need real-time presentation graphics. On corporate television. On informational monitors in offices, shops, on the streets. To generate regular analytical reports, both in the format of a multi-media informational DVD, and in the Flash format. In information systems located in management offices and situational analysis rooms. …Or may be you will suggest another idea?

- We'd like to obtain a demo-version of this software.
- As demo-versions we use solutions that were previously designed for our Customers, and also a simple DVD presentation that you can handle on your own (changing data, swapping slides, slightly changing the slides themselves (colors, number of objects, headings, captions). You can play with it in our office (write to us or call and we shall arrange a meeting). We also can organize the demonstration of the system in your office, for the management. To do this we shall have to bring our equipment to your office. And screen shots of the interface and demo-version's output graphics can be seen in the story about the StatViz presentation.

- Can I buy StatViz without purchasing the graphic modules?
- StatVizТМ is a system updating high-quality three-dimensional graphics. Therefore, without graphics the system becomes meaningless and is not supplied. Companies order information display modules from us (for presentations, as well as for analytical purposes) and the StatViz system, specially adapted for certain graphics, is supplied as an option accompanying them.

- Can I buy standard graphic modules, or make them myself?
- For the time being it is impossible. Graphic modules are developed by our designers talking into account Customer's corporate stylistics, tasks and specifics. As we primarily solve the task of marketing communications, unification of graphics would lead to the conflict with the key marketing principle - "one needs to differentiate". All our products are unique. However, they are equally easily updated by means of StatViz.

- How much does StatViz cost? - The price is calculated in approximately the following way - the cost of producing the graphics themselves (presentation) + an option to enable its management in real time. These two components are more or less level. We'll be able to calculate the exact price after we learn what task you are going to set before us. By asking us to calculate the price you will not commit yourself to anything, that is why do not hesitate to send queries, however, you need to be prepared to outline the general task at least.

- What requirements does StatViz make to our facilities?
- StatViz is supplied together with a renderer station. It is a powerful computer (basic configuration - Intel® Xeon® 3,8 MHz, Chip set - Intel® E7525, Radeon® X1800 Series, 4 Gb RAM, HDD 360 Gb RAID 0+1) that was specially adapted to run StatViz software. In addition, you will need a computer to support remote control over presentations. Any office desktop or laptop will do.

If you did not find an answer to your question, or if the answer did not seem complete enough to you - please write to this address to Oleg Finoshin.

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