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STATVIZ Presentation

On December 8, 2005 a presentation of the STATVIZ system took place in the Polymedia Company's spacious demonstration hall.

A DVD presentation signifies colorful three-dimensional graphics and spectacular visualization of data. Everybody knows that. But another thing everybody knows is that updating DVD presentations is a complicated process, unfeasible without involving the studio that produced them. STATVIZ turned all that around. The STATVIZ system enables real time changes in screen shots of three-dimensional graphics, which opens up new possibilities for video (DVD) presentations. This is what has been demonstrated.

Our visitors had the opportunity to update a database on their own from a laptop via WiFi, and graphics that were rotating at that moment on a huge screen updated in real time. One could change titles, activate or deactivate objects, as well as interchange slides. In the slides themselves colors of objects, their numbers and "zooms" were changing, "legends" were customized.

At the same time there were certain restrictions that did not allow changing the design, writing too many words or violating the slides' logic. We consider this approach to be the most appropriate: an update is a task for a computer (and it should be done very fast), whereas creation of a new slide is a task for a designer, requiring time and professionalism. We do not suggest that our Customers create presentations themselves - we only complement the presentations we created with an online updating facility.

STATVIZ truly does open up new possibilities. Now high-quality presentation and informational graphics can be updated every minute, they can be used as informers for clients, management, investors, or as a resource for corporate TV. At any moment the required "cross-section" can be recorded on a DVD or in a video file, inserted into Power-Point format and used in the field.

The left-hand column shows the screen management interface, the right-hand one - the screenshots themselves.

Frame resolution in STATVIZ is limited by computer capacity only (at our presentation everything was shown in 1024*768 in real time, which is one and a half times higher than DVD resolution).

After the visitors have played with STATVIZ to their hearts' content, the presentation resulting from their collective efforts was immediately recorded on a DVD and handed out to everyone at the end of the banquet.

About the event:

On December 8, 2005 during a joint workshop organized by the "Mercator" Group and Polymedia Company a first presentation of the corporate information visualization system - STATVIZ -- took place. The event was attended by 82 invitees. Among them there were representatives of such companies as Vneshtorgbank, OOO "Mostransgaz", JSC "Russian railways", "Sibur Holding", Rosgosstrakh, Transaero, TNK-BP, "Sual", "Norilsk Nickel", Rosenergoatom, Severstal, PWC, Ernst & Young, representatives from Russian regional governments, public agencies and academic institutions.

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