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Corporate TV and Much More

Following business news by means of the business television is easy and convenient. Do you want to just as easily see and show to others information concerning your company's performance? And, moreover, at the time convenient to you and in the required scope? Then use the corporate information visualization system STATVIZ:

  • a manager comes to work and watches news of the company's performance: all key indicators provided in real time, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly data presented as elegant and easy-to-interpret informational graphics. Besides, the manager can control the news layout himself. The system is compatible with any state-of-the-art database;
  • could the corporate news be of interest to employees, customers, visitors? Here we are - live broadcast on plasma displays in offices, on the Internet, on the corporate TV. Information flows are delimited through a user-friendly interface. Textual, graphical, video news;
  • do you need a DVD presentation for a shareholders' report, for an urgent press-conference or a speech? Here we are, all it takes is coming up to the computer, selecting a script and recording a disk. You get the latest information. And if the presentation takes place in your office, the changes can occur in real time.

Vneshtorgbank corporate film
Vneshtorgbank corporate film


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