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Feature video presentation of the Ren-TV channel

20 February 2006 year

We have produced a fascinating feature video clip-presentation for advertisers and networking partners. It assembles trailers of the channel's key programs, and in between there is some acting and emceeing by the channel's Marketing Director, Sergey Isakov, and a film actor, Aleksey Maklakov.

The incidental music was provided by the Ren-TV channel.

As a result, it is impossible to take one's eyes off the screen. Here's an example of a corporate presentation that lasts 15 minutes, whereas it seems to a viewer that only about two minutes have passed. We want to thank the Ren-TV channel for their daring and creativity!

We want to thank Maria Olshanskaya and Anastasiya Mikhaleva for their assistance with the work on this project.

Watch Ren-TV!

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