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Anniversary Promo of Meteo-TV

5 June 2006 year

A cartoon promo was designed based on the song by Anita Tsoi - "Weather is us" - an original solution to a corporate image presentation.

Anita has written the song specifically for the ten-year anniversary of the Meteo-TV company. After a while it occurred to Anita to make a funny cartoon video clip for this song. She even took a pencil and started drawing character sketches on her own.

It was when we joined in. Anita "starred" in the clip herself (as a cartoon character), and famous TV weather forecasters also "played a role" in it.

Little yellow characters (we refer to them as "Imps" - after weather gods in Scandinavian mythology) are employees of the fairy-tale weather factory, and one of them - the most restless one - has run away from his work place out into the street. This is where Anita finds him and returns him back, to make the sunny weather forecast come true in spite of the rain pouring down at the beginning of the video clip.

Script Writer- Andrey Skvortsov
Director - Dmitry Polosukhin
Production Director - Guennady Kondratiev
Designer - Andrey Krasavin
Animator- Oleg Solovyov
ÀAnimator - Pavel Sokolov
Sound effects - Denis Grigoriev

Anita Tsoi
Aleksandr Belyaev
Elena Kovriguina
Tatiana Antonova

To watch the video-clip:
(MPEG 7,9 Mb), (ZIP 7,7 Mb)

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