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Documentary for the 60 year anniversary of LLC "Mostransgaz" 24 July 2006 year

Quote from the film

"As early as school textbooks told us that cold weather usually arrives to the center of Russia from the North-East. The surprising thing is that heat often comes from the same direction - only in the form of natural gas. However, although frosts always come on their own, and are always for free, the gas has to be shipped."

A documentary road-movie was produced for the 60-year anniversary of Mostransgaz. In it we have contrived to tell an interesting and visual story not only about the Company history and life, but about long-distance gas transportation industry overall, as it was none other than Mostransgaz that pioneered in this industry in 1946. Our film crew traveled thousands of kilometers, visited dozens of sites, met hundreds of people. The most interesting things they managed to see and learn can be seen in this new half-hour film.

Quote from the film

"What is "transport"? Trains, cars, plains, tankers. But most cargo of all is hauled in Russia by a means of transport one cannot call transport at all. It is a very unusual type of transport. And it transports unusual cargo, too. We are talking about gas. And gas pipelines. One of the largest Russian transportation companies is Mostransgaz. It carries 60 times more cargo than all Russian air companies taken together, although often it uses the same aircraft engines for this purpose*".

The film was printed on DVDs in 11000 copies to be given as presents to employees, veterans and partners; it was also shown on air by TV companies in 18 regions serviced by Mostransgaz.

Film fragments:

A gas-measuring station in Sudzh - from here gas flows to Europe: (mpg, 7.7mb, zip, 7.4mb)

On a gas compressor station: (mpg, 7.1mb, zip, 6.8mb)

How is an underground gas storage built? (mpg, 5.2mb, zip, 5.1mb)

Mostransgaz control center: (mpg, 10.4mb, zip, 9.9mb)

In the shooting area:

General Producer - Andrey Skvortsov
Voiceover - Kirill Nabutov
Script Writer - Arkadiy Popov
Stage Director, Director of Photography - Aleksey Tikhonyuk
Editor - Andrey Mazkun
Art Director - Evgueny Lyubimov
Designer - Andrey Kovalevski
Director - Katerina Miroshnikova
Composers - Aleksandr Volkov, Artyom Vasilyev

* - aircraft engines are used to rotate gas injectors on gas compressor stations.

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