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Dialogue in a drug-store:
— Give me Viagra for women!
— You should go to a jewelry store…
(a joke from the professional jewelers’ folklore)

Corporate Image Film for the Moscow Experimental Jewelry Factory

15 September 2006 year

An informal survey conducted among customers and partners by the Factory Sales Department Manager, Svetlana Churina, resulted in the revelation that potential viewers are interested most of all in the history of the enterprise and in state-of-the-art technologies of manufacturing jewelry.

Not wishing to fall short of viewers' expectations, we based the informational film specifically on the technological process, adorning it with selected facts of historical interest about the factory. And these facts are highly interesting - for example, MEYuZ craftsmen of all others manufactured the highest ranking military decoration of the USSR - the Order of Victory, the first recipient of which was Marshall G. K. Zhukov, the second - Marshall A.M. Vasilevsky and I.V. Stalin was only the third one to receive it. Overall there had been 17 recipients of this Order.

The state-of-the-art technology of manufacturing jewelry, a fascinating subject in itself, was "dressed" as a made-up story of a man who came to a jewelry store to buy a ring. At the moment of shopping we made a pause and told the story of how this ring came into being. And after we had told it we returned to the jewelry store and watched the ring start the journey towards its "adult" life that would possibly last for centuries.

In the course of working on this film we have accumulated so many materials about the history of the factory, interesting interviews, spectacular shots (including photography made in the Diamond Fund of Russia which stores several artworks by MEYuZ craftsmen), that it was decided to make a small separate historical film to commemorate the anniversary of the enterprise (80 years) that took place in early September.

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