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Website of "SoftFin" Company 12 January 2005 year

The "Mercator" studio has completed working on the logo and Website for the "SoftFin" Company.

The site is distinguished by facile, user-friendly design that is easy to navigate. It is customer-oriented and focused on the current customers of the Company. The logo was designed in the best traditions of designing logos for modern financial services companies.

We have also developed a special tool facilitating customers' operations with the Website - "Personal Office". The "Personal Office" is a site section which helps to optimize interactions with the "SoftFin" Company products. By means of the "Personal Office" one can easily download programs and updates, and quickly and interactively obtain competent consultations from the Help Desk.


The "StatSiteAdmin" system developed by the "Mercator" studio is used for the purpose of site management.

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