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Video Clips for "SITRONICS"

20 February 2007 year

A set of presentation video materials for various purposes



Copy Writers - Katerina Miroshnikova, Evgueny Yurkevich
Director - Dmitriy Polosukhin
Animation Artist - Renat Ibraguimov
Composing - Olga Rybakova, Artur Mirzoyan
Project Manager - Katerina Miroshnikova

JSC "SITRONICS" is the largest high-tech company of the Eastern Europe. It was set up in December 2002 as a concern "Scientific Center", In the future it was renamed as JSC "SITRONICS". After consolidation of a number of leading technological companies in Russia, Ukraine, Check Republic and Greece it implements large scale projects in the area of telecommunications, information technologies, microelectronics.
JSC "SITRONICS" comprises 24 enterprises located in Moscow, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Prague, Athens and some other cities of the Eastern Europe. The principal shareholder is AFK "Sistema".

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