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Film and Presentations For RAO "UES of Russia"

29 June 2007 year

It took us several months of painstaking work to deliver a film and a set of presentational animated graphics for RAO UES of Russia. The graphics can be used for reports, on plasma panels installed in offices and for exhibitions. We have developed a presentation design kit, whose elements were used both in the film and in other formats. We have also configured a system which automatically updates them.

Out of a wide range of elements we are especially proud of flights over major RAOs sites for example, the Bureyskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant or Kaliningrad Atomic Power Plant. The quality of our special effects is so high, they could be a credit to any feature film.

See examples:

Flying away from the Bureyskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant: mpg (1.4mb), zip (1.3mb)
Video Clip "Investments"mpg (3.3mb), zip (3.1mb)

The work was completed for the I International Forum in Saint-Petersburg.

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