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Film for "Komigazinveststroi" Company

23 August 2007 year

What is it - the "Komigazinveststroi" company? What differentiates it from competitors? What is its experience, its plans?

The answer to these questions can be found in the ten-minute film presenting the company, made by the "Mercator" group.

Let's quickly go through the script, highlighting the key techniques that were deployed.


...A certain construction company unexpectedly burst into the ratings of major Russian companies. Here we learn about the company's size and line of business, and the film's most important question is raised - how did it manage to grow so fast?

History and Geography of Business. Summary.

Description of the Company's Operations as an Engineering Enterprise.

We watch a paper design become three dimensional, turning into a transparent framework. Then it starts growing walls, windows, roof. The next stage is a smooth transition to the real video footage of the object.

Order Portfolio.

After "building" one object it is appropriate to say a couple of words about the rest of them as well. Project geography.

Description of Competitive Advantages.

Two visual images are used to describe the specifics of the company's operations. These images do not prove anything, but they are memorable and very graphic.

Image 1. Comparison of the company against a hulking Soviet construction trust was made in the genre of the Soviet satirical newsreel "Fitil".

Image 2. Selection of highly specialized contractors instead of universal ones saves money and efforts. This is illustrated by geometrical figures.

Now how these principles are implemented on practice.

The time has come for facts. The climax comes with the example illustrating the use of the suppliers' data base developed by the Company. It is noteworthy that specifically for the purposes of this film the interface of the data base was completely redesigned. What is demonstrated here is how contractors can be selected in real life. It also highlights project management aspects and relevant certificates.

Epilogue. Final enumeration of competitive advantages.

As a result, we produced a dynamic, highly informative, and at the same time interesting film which we offer for your viewing.

Watch the film: mpg (33.0 mb), zip (31.8 mb)

The project was delivered by:
General Producer - Andrey Skvortsov
Production Director, Director - Andrey Mazkun
Art Director - Evgueniy Lyubimov
Designer - Andrey Krasavin
3D Animators - Rostislav Kiyantsev, Aleksander Minakov
2D Animator - Dmitriy Misharin
Managing Director - Katerina Miroshnikova
Composer - Aleksander Volkov


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