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Film for VTB Group

13 September 2007 year

"The VTB Bank has recently grown considerably. We operate in many regions of Russia, the CIS and in foreign countries. We wanted to unite everybody with a single idea, common mood and plans. Such was the challenge faced by the performer.
main idea of the film was to get across to the audience the business tasks, development prospects of the Bank and VTB Group, show the geography of our presence and impart the feeling of pride we have for working in a close-knit team of professionals.
Mercator has solved this task in a professional manner, emotionally and with a tight schedule."

Deputy President-Chairman of the Board of JSC Bank VTB
Vasiliy Nikolaevich Titov

In five years VTB has transformed from a state bank servicing large customers into a public bank with an extensive branch network and a complete set of banking services. And besides into one of the one hundred major banks worldwide.

A need emerged to communicate to inform new and old employees of the Bank about changes that have taken place, about new plans, about new values. It would be na?ve to think that the authors of the film know more about all of it than the bank's employees themselves. That is why we have decided that, for the most part, the film would consist of short, but vivid interviews. The Bank employees from several dozens branches, including foreign ones, contributed to the making of the film.

These people responded to simple questions. What has changed for you personally over the five years of working in VTB? What, in your view, has IPO brought to the Bank? What examples of the Bank being customer-oriented can you give in your specific place? How do you understand openness and transparency? The answers were given both by rank and file employees and by executives of various levels, up to the vice presidents and the president. Their responses were sincere; they gave real life examples, demonstrating implementation of brand values.

The interviews were intertwined with short informational "broadcasts", which reported the Bank's achievements in the telegraphic style.

The concept author - Andrey Skvortsov
Interview Consultant - Aleksey Kapterev
Production Director, Director - Andrey Mazkun
Art Director - Evgueniy Lyubimov
Designer - Nonna Lysenko
3D-animators - Rostoslav Kiyantsev, Aleksander Minakov
2D-animator - Dmitry Misharin
Director - Katerina Miroshnikova
Composer - Aleksander Volkov, Eduard Artemiev

Many thanks to the VTB Group employees - Evgueniya Aleksandrovna Mamsurova, Yulia Litvinskaya, Anna Chorbachidi. The film would not be a success without them.

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