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Film Narrating About MICEX

25 September 2007 year

For some time now the MICEX stock exchange has more visitors than trade participants. No, it has nothing to do with a lack of customers (the number of the stock exchange customers is approaching half a million). It is related to the fact that all trades have been for a long time now made remotely. The stock exchange building contains only the computer infrastructure and administration. And even the famous hall with a clock and red walls is gone, too, although it can still be glimpsed in TV newscasts about the forex or stock exchange. It seems to be a high time to update the video archives!

It is precisely for visitors to the stock exchange that the new narrative film-story has been made, first and foremost. Another objective was to attract private investors to the stock exchange via MICEX. The film turned out as to be informative, dynamic, containing interesting interviews and fascinating special effects.

There is no point in talking about it at length, really - you should just see for yourselves.


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