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Elections 2007

3 December 2007 year

For the current seventh time (the precedent occurred in 1995) Mercator has received the Central Election Committee* for displaying the elections which has been carried out on December 2-3 2007.

As before, in the regime of regional time we prepared the graphics for the informational issues of Central Election Commission which have been translated by all the accredited TV channels. The system of information displaying was carried out by means of "STATVIZ" complex and was part of GAS Vibory (Elections).

Simultaneously the version of graphics for the information stalls situated in the Central Election Commission building was prepared in the flash regime. From 21 p.m. December 2 till the close of the Information Centre the data from GAS Vibory concerning the voting situation among the leading political parties was constantly renewed in on-line regime on a screen in the Meeting Hall of RF Central Election Commission.

This year weve first carried out the sms-displaying, for which the project on working out the Mobile Port for RF Central Election Commission was put into action in the beginning of year 2007. Sending an sms to "5503" pointing to the RF Subject and the voting area number one may get the result of vote counting in any of ~95000 voting areas.

The service is optimally convenient for the observers having practically counted the number of votes in the area one may check by sms if the information was correctly presented in GAS Vibory. The service was available till December 10.


While the information centre Elections 2007 worked:

  • 356 (total volume 2830 sec.) graphical informers on the number of voters and pre-results of the elections have been created
  • 129732 sms-messages on demand have been sent

* by results of fulfilled State tenders in partnership with Scientific Centre "Voskhod"

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