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The New Silk Road (Orenburg)

24 October 2008 year

A film about a new transcontinental highway from Europe to Western China has been made for the Orenburg Region govermnent. Orenburg plays a key role in the project, being the gateway from Russia to Asia. The film is emotional, impressive and original.

The script was written by Ivan Sidelnikov, a famous documentary film director, our old friend and partner, and the head of Mercator Northwest.

First, Ivan spent weeks in the Orenburg steppe; then he worked for weeks in the editing room; finally, he came out with an excellent film, which we are proud to present to you.

"Roads, which used to be one of Russias main problems, are now becoming part of Russias strategy. We will certainly build them!"

NewYorkFestival Awards 2009

Silver World Medal: Society & Social Issues
Silver World Medal: Society & Social Issues
Bronze WorldMedal: Craft: Graphics
Bronze WorldMedal: Craft: Graphics
Finalist Certificate: Craft: Direction
Finalist Certificate: Craft: Direction

Download: zip (mpg) (32,6 mb)

Project team:

General producer - Andrey Skvortsov
Scriptwriters - Ivan Sidelnikov, Andrey Skvortsov
Director - Ivan Sidelnikov
Camera operator - Alexandr Evdokimov
Editing, design, compositor - Viacheslav Murashkin
3D Animators - Viacheslav Murashkin, Rostislav Kiyantsev, Alexandr Minakov, Pavel Sokolov, Vladimir Tarasov
Music - Alexey Lukin, Dmitriy Misharin
Administrator - Fyodor Yashkin
Production director - Stanislav Onishenko
Project manager - Katerina Miroshnikova


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