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IR-corporate film for Vimetco aluminium company

19 November 2008 year

For the first time in Mercator Groups history weve been taking part in a tender conducted by the European company. And we won it, surpassing Londons film studios.

Its also our first film in the Blu-ray disc format.

Its built upon a "Fair Story" concept. The script was based on the questions that are often asked by investors at the business meetings. Weve been finding out the answers during the interviews with the companys managers and employees, during numerous conversations with the companys clients and during the trips to the companys facilities.

Theres been three major destinations for our filming crew: a bauxite mine in Sierra Leone, the aluminium plant in Romania and production facilities and power plant in China.

Alongside with the IR-film we have created a video presentation for trade shows that does not contain a voice over, but has more descriptive titles.

In addition the film has been translated into Russian and Chinese.

Download a clip in the MPG format: zip (59mb)

Project team:

General Producer, director, original concept - Andrey Skvortsov
Scenario and Voice Over Script - Artem Eyskov, Aleksey Kapterev, Vladimir Andrianov
Analyst - Andrey Rogozhin
Interviewer - Aleksey Kapterev
Designer - Evgeny Lyubimov
Film crew manager - Ivan Sidelnikov
Composer - Dmitriy Misharin
Production director - Stanislav Onishenko
3D Animators - Rostislav Kiyantsev, Aleksandr Minakov, Pavel Sokolov
Voice over - Bill Dod, Paul Crow
Shoot coordination - Denis Konyshev
Project manager - Katerina Miroshnikova


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