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Informational film and presentation for STADA CIS

7 September 2009 year

In 2008 the STADA CIS brand consolidated three pharmaceutical companies: Nizhpharm, MAKIZ-Pharma and Skopinpharm. Establishment of the holding is the focal point of the movie.

The key audience includes the company's personnel, however the clients, partners and officials will find it equally interesting.

Ivan Glushkov, Deputy General Director of Nizhpharm comments, "Though the film is quite informative, it proved to be light and interesting and, above all, it didn't lose the dynamic development of the action. It's a fully-fledged image product, which will be of interest for an average viewer, and simultaneously it will complete specific practical tasks."

Anna Kogan, Film Director: "For the first time ever I had to go through such pre-shooting procedure: I had to take off my shoes, put on overboots, change my regular clothes into some pants made of a special fabric and a sort of doctor's gown, hide my hair under a disposable cap, thoroughly wash my hands with an special antiseptic fluid and rinse them with some mysterious solution"… I had to do the same whenever I was going to enter the "clean rooms" in the pharmacy plant. Quotes are used for the word "clean" not for the reason the rooms are conditionally clean, but because they are unconditionally clean and that's the official name for such rooms."

This year Nizhfarm is celebrating its 90 anniversary. For this great event, we created wallpapers and screensaver clocks.

STADA CIS is a Russian pharmacy holding within the international concern STADA established through acquisition and restructuring of NIZHPHARM and MAKIZ-PHARMA. The holding comprises companies operating in the three areas:

  • STADA PharmDevelopment – pharmacy product development;
  • STADA Marketing (Russia), STADA Ukraine, STADA Central Asia (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan) – sales and marketing;
  • NIZHPHARM (Nizhny Novgorod), MAKIZ-PHARMA (Moscow) and SKOPINPHARM (Ryazan Region) – drug manufacturing.

According to Pharmexpert (Center for Medical Research), the holding is the second leading Russia-based drug manufacturer in terms of the 2008 volume of production and aggregate financial performance, enjoying a 11.16% share in the total Russian drug manufacturing market.

Project team:

Script writer, director - Anna Kogan
Design - Evgeniy Lubimov, Nonna Lysenko
Camera operator - Egor Riabchikov
Compositor, omposer - Dmitriy Misharin
Graphics - Rostislav Kiyantsev, Vladimir Tarasov
Production director - Stanislav Onishchenko
Project managers - Katerina Miroshnikova, Maria Chemezova

Download the movie: zip (53 mb)


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