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Rostelecom: presentation

1 October 2009 year

Based on the product presentation clip style is the general film about Rostelecom, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Russia.

Now the Company has available a tooling made of the whole set of movies: about the company, product films and client cases.

Yulia Tuzhilina, Manager of Marketing Planning Department, Rostelecom JSC, "The strategy we selected last year and named as "complex things in simple words" proved to be effective. Rostelecom staff successfully use the presentations of 8-800 and IP VPN services at seminars, exhibitions and negotiations. The universal nature of a presentation makes it well-perceived by any audience, be it a team of IT specialists or a group of people who are far from such technologies but whose position make them decision-makers for introduction of such services to their companies. It was really crucial for us."

Download the movie: zip (18.25mb)

Project team:

Script writers - Andrey Skvortsov, Alexey Kapterev
Camera operator - Andrey Kuznetsov
Design - Evgeniy Lubimov
Compositor, omposer - Dmitriy Misharin
3D Animators - Rostislav Kiyantsev, Vladimir Tarasov
Production director - Stanislav Onishchenko
Project manager - Maria Chemezova


Lyudmila Pustovalova, Rostislav Kiyantsev, Andrey Yazikov, Natalia Matyascheva, Dmitry Pak


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