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/New Year Holiday Video Clip for "Comstar-UTS"

New Year Holiday Video Clip for "Comstar-UTS"

29 December 2009 year

Objective – to send greetings to the Company staff on behalf of 14 (!) executives. We shot an interview on green-screen background and added animation. As a result we not only sent greetings, but also told about hobbies and interesting facts of the top-managers’ life.

Anna Kogan’s comment:

"We had only one shooting day at our disposal, this suggested the solution: it is simply impossible to set up the camera and lighting for everybody in one day. So, we shot them on green-screen – a background on which it is possible to "cut out" the speaker. It is cool when the top-managers are ready to gather for filming on the same day and improvise together with us – we made up the gags as we went along. And it was our animators who made a real miracle out of this video".

Download the clip: zip (15.7mb)

Video in Comstar blog

Project team:

Scriptwriter, director - Anna Kogan
Co-writer, project manager - Maria Chemezova
Design and styling of the characters - Alexander Koshelev
Animator - Dmitriy Misharin
Production director - Stanislav Onishenko


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