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/Small Business: a Big Task

Small Business: a Big Task

29 September 2010 year

Commissioned by Sberbank Russia, Mercator created an infographic reel on the conditions faced by a small business operating in Russia.

The reel was shown at the start of discussions related to small businesses at the IX International Investment Forum «Sochi-2010».

Yury Rovensky, Vice President and Head of Public Relations at Sberbank Russia:

«The reel has fulfilled its intention to show briefly and clearly what changes have occurred in the small business sector in Russia over the last 10 years, and the kind of problems which still lie ahead. I am glad that despite working to short notice, Mercator created a video of such high quality. It has turned out to be a convincing, dynamic and interesting reel which leaves an impression on the viewer, meaning that we have achieved our aim».

Andrey Skvortsov, CEO of Mercator:

«I would say without any undue modesty that these are infographics of the highest international standards. It contains all the necessary components, namely a clear message, interesting and engaging figures, good visuals and last but not least, a high quality execution. The reel was a success largely due to the complete mutual understanding between ourselves and the team at Sberbank. I am very pleased with this work».

Our production team:

Director and visual concept author — Andrey Skvortsov
Project supervisor — Ksenia Yudaeva (Sberbank Russia)
Producer – Gennady Kondratev
Co-producers — Oleg Solovev, Aleksandr Grigoryants
Art director — Andrey Kovalevsky
Analyst and editor —Vladimir Kozlov
Lead animator — Konstatin Biryukov
Animators — Konstatin Ganzhela, Sergey Bakuneev

Download movie: zip (mpg, 18mb)


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