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Stroygazconsulting: Compressor Stations

21 November 2010 year

The film series about the company Stroygazconsulting continues the story on the construction of its unique compressor stations. As an example, we could take the «Port» compressor station, which creates a working pressure of 220 atmospheres and delivers gas over a distance of 1,220 kilometres — from Vyborg all the way to the German coast. Filming took place in the Arctic Circle and on the Baltic coast.

Our production team:

Direction and script — Mikhail Katsal
Design — Nonna Lysenko
3D graphics — Rostislav Kiyantsev
2D animation, music — Dmitriy Misharin
Film crew — Maksim Dorokhov, Vitaly Pronin, Andrei Novikov
Production director — Stanislav Onishchenko
Project manager — Maria Chemezova
Project supervisor — Andrey Skvortsov

Download movie: zip (mpg, 32,5 mb)


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