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/"Client-oriented" film for "Garant"

"Client-oriented" film for "Garant"

28 March 2011 year

The company "Garant" has more than 20 years of experience in the field of information and legal support. What does this mean for customers? What are the advantages of working with "Garant"? What types of new solutions does the Company offer? How do they help address real business problems? This film focuses on real-life stories of legal experts, accountants, lawyers and industry specialists.

Anna Kogan, screenwriter:

«We always wanted to produce a "client-oriented" film so that the company was not simply speaking about itself, but that instead, it would be those clients using its services who would tell the story. Finally we did it, and we are very grateful to "Garant" for taking this step. In terms of "Garant" legal services, which are required on a daily and hourly basis, clients were happy to speak about Garant’s services in detail. Even "Garant" itself was pleasantly surprised by these interviews. Through this approach, we succeeded in combining two completely different objectives in this film: to congratulate the Company on its 20th anniversary and to create a film to attract new customers».

The film was shown to clients at the Company’s anniversary in November 2010, and copies were made available on DVDs.

Our production team:

Writer, Director — Anna Kogan
Design — Andrey Kovalevsky, Mikhail Matorin
Camera operators — Petr Kosikhin, Mikhail Vikhrov
3D Graphics — Mikhail Matorin, Yuri Ternovsky, Nikolay Tolokonnikov
Project Manager — Katerina Miroshnikova

Download movie: zip (mpg, 61 mb)


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