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/Infographics: Real Time Transactions on Sberbank Maps

Infographics: Real Time Transactions on Sberbank Maps

7 December 2011 year

A video was prepared as requested by Sberbank of Russia, demonstrating the bank’s clients’ card activity at 60 times the normal speed. That’s 24 hours of card activity condensed into 24 minutes of film!

A map of the world displays the cities where card transactions such as purchases or cash withdrawals are taking place, showing schematically which cities the money was being sent from and where it was received. It also shows the transaction volume by city (cumulative hourly results).

During the making of the video clip, over 8,000,000 Sberbank card transactions within one 24 hour period were reviewed anonymously. StatViz technology was used in the production process; in fact, the automatic data visualization system was created first, and then the results were recorded and accelerated for the video clip.

The clip was shown for the first time at the events marking the bank’s 170th anniversary. The real-time visualization of transactions was displayed at several of the bank’s offices (and initially in the main hall of the central office).

Aside from showing the locations of the transactions, the map provided:

  • — a dynamic chart showing the volume of completed operations per minute throughout the entire bank network (in millions of roubles)
  • — activity statistics by country, updated hourly — the places clients are directing sending and receiving their largest amounts of money
  • — statistics breaking down card transactions by type, updated hourly — ATM withdrawals, payments in shops and cash transfers.

Mercator would like to express their thanks for the help provided by the following Sberbank staff members in setting up the operation — Sergey Ryabov, Director of the Architecture and Long-Range Planning Division and Aleksey Sizov and Konstantin Skorobogatov, project managers in the Architecture and Long-Range Planning Division.

Our production team:

Idea and concept — Viktor Orlovsky, Senior Vice-President, Sberbank of Russia, Director of the ‘Information Technologies’ Unit.Infographic Recording
Director and Consultant — Andrey Skvortsov
Designers — Svetlana Golovchanskaya, Andrey Kovalevsky
Analyst — Ilya Grigorov
Infodesigner — Konstantin Varik
Animation and Programming — Dmitry Misharin, Anastasiya Ryazanova
Composing — Dmitry Misharin
Production Director and Art Director — Stanislav Onishchenko
Cartography — Olga Kondiayn, Aleksandr Dobryansky
Project Monitor — Katerina Miroshnikova
Project Manager — Oleg Finoshin


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