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Announcement for the Bright Peoplechildren's festival of creativity

10 August 2012 year

The “Bright People”children's festival of creativity was organised by the Credit Bank of Moscow.

What stuck in the viewers' minds about this celebration?

Relating what is most interesting about the festival's packed programme are those who are putting it together. So — take a look. Or better still — come to Gorky Park on the 18th of August!

Our production team:

Script and Director— Tatyana Gulyanitskaya
Cameras — Mikhail Simonov, Mikhail Skryapkin
Design — Ekaterina Sidorova, Svetlana Golovchanskaya
3D-Graphics — Vyacheslav Novikov, Andrey Vozniy, Eduard Davletyarov, Aleksandr Khudekov, Anastasiya Ryazanova
Composing — Dmitry Misharin
Editing — Andrey Shatskikh
Music — Vladimir Sayko
Production Director — Stanislav Onishchenko
Producer — Elena Cherchik
Analyst — Mariya Chemezova
Project Manager — Evgeniya Demidova


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