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/Medical Graphics: STADA CIS, Beliy ugol

Medical Graphics: STADA CIS, Beliy ugol

2 September 2012 year

Oh, there's something wrong with my stomach… Many remember with horror those times when something was giving them pain, especially with relation to the abdominal area. And there can be dozens of reasons for stomach complaints — for example, food-poisoning from low-quality produce.

A professional look at the consequences of an unhealthy diet and information on how to deal with “an upset stomach” is the subject of our new medical film for STADA CIS.

Our production team:

Design — Artur Prokurov, Dmitry Anashkin
3D-Graphics — Artur Prokurov, Dmitry Anashkin
2D-Animation — Dmitry Misharin
Music — Dmitry Misharin
Production Director — Stanislav Onishchenko
Project Manager – Mariya Chemezova

* Pursuant to provisions of the Federal Law dated 22 June 1998 No. 86-FZ «On Pharmaceuticals», the website only quotes the exact texts of monographs, research articles, reports presented at congresses, conferences and symposia meant for health and pharmaceutical professionals, as well as LLC Stada Marketing CIS product labels. Pursuant to the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation, this information can only be used by health and pharmaceutical professionals.
No part of this information can be regarded as a recommendation for a citizen (patient) to diagnose or treat any diseases or replace a consultation with a health professional. No part of this information can be interpreted as an appeal for a citizen (patient) to independently acquire or use any of the said pharmaceuticals. This information cannot be used by a citizen (patient) to independently make a decision concerning the medical application of any of the said pharmaceuticals and/or a decision to change the procedure of the medical application of any of the said pharmaceuticals recommended by a health professional.
This information pertains only to the pharmaceuticals registered in the Russian Federation in accordance with the procedure established by law. The names of the said pharmaceuticals registered in other countries, as well as recommendations concerning their medical application can be different from the information presented in this section of the website. Not all of the said pharmaceuticals that are in circulation in the Russian Federation are approved for medical use in other countries.


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