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MercatorInfogr in the Itunes Store in Russian and English

4 February 2013 year

It will soon be two years that we have been producing infographic films dedicated to the most important and interesting events in Russia and the rest of the world for our YouTube channel MercatorInfogr. In that time, the channel has proved to be enormously popular: today, the number of subscribers is over 1,600 with over 3.5 million hits.

Now, for your convenience, these films are available in the Itunes Store in both Russian and English. Subscribe now to our podcast!

Our production team:

Project Manager — Andrey Skvortsov
Producer — Gennady Kondratyev
-Producers — Oleg Solovyov, Alexander Grigoryants
Chief Designer and Art Director — Mikhail Matorin
Head Director and Chief Analyst — Arkadiy Popov
Analysts — Elena Paliy, Olga Tikhomirova, Evgenia Prokhorova, Margarita Valevich, Mariya Lotsmanova
Animators — Yury Ternovskiy, Ahmad Abdullayev, Petr Ditmar, Aleksandr Kogay, Vyacheslav Kungrov, Dmitry Glovatsky

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