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/NTV Weather: a Triumph in America

NTV Weather: a Triumph in America

1 May 2013 year

In April of 2013, Andrey Skvortsov won the award for “Best Entertainment News Presenter/Correspondent” at the New York Festivals.

The show-reel of the broadcast “The Weather Forecast with Andrey Skvortsov” (a joint project with Mercator, NTV and Meteo-TV) was entered in the competition. The New York Festivals can lay claim to being the longest-running festival in the world of television, advertising and corporate film.

Since the winter of 2011, professional meteorologist Andrey Skvortsov (also the Director of the Mercator company) has not only been announcing the weather live on air, but also telling us about natural phenomena, all from the most unexpected places. He has been seen appearing live on air to the studio from a hot-air balloon, then battling with icicles, then awaiting a flood in an underground reservoir, then demonstrating the force of a hurricane in a wind tunnel. And, always, his adventures are relevant to the current weather in Russia.

Our production team:

Presenter — Andrey Skvortsov (Mercator)
Concept — Tatyana Mitkova (NTV)
Camera — Anton Predelsky (NTV)
Producer — Irina Filatova (NTV)
Producer — Tatyana Voronina (NTV)
Editor — Sergey Kashkadamov (NTV)
Video Editor — Dmitry Misharin (Mercator)
Graphics— Oleg Solovyov, Alexander Grigoryants (Mercator)
Project Manager — Elena Kornilova (Meteo-TV)


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