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A scale project for the portal

23 January 2013 year

We have made a series of projects on the cultural heritage sites of Russia for the portal. Our task is to attract attention of the citizens to the historical and cultural sites of Russia and to promote the development of domestic tourism.

The sites are represented at the portal as short review films, video infographics, static infographics, virtual tours and picture galleries.

While working on the project, we have developed standards and rules for the creation of the portal’s films and infographics, according to which any other studios can now fill the portal with excellent materials. The content for the website has been prepared.

Examples of works

All works for the
The Curonian Spit
The Konigsberg Cathedral
Great Pskov
The Pskov Kremlin
The Kunstkamera Museum
The Tretyakov Gallery
Tsarskoye Selo
The Russian Museum
St. Catherines Cathedral
Lomonosov Moscow State University
The Kulikovo Field
Mamayev Kurgan and Mother Motherland
The Suyumbike tower
The Vladivostok Fortress
Nevyansk Leaning Tower
St. Petersburgs Historic Centre
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