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Veytus: Expert Solutions

3 July 2013 year

We were approached by Veytus, a supplier of machine tools to manufacturing companies. It seemed at first that there’s nothing special about their projects — they order a machine from the producer, bring it to Russia, set it up and launch it. Is there anything exciting about this work that is worth turning into a film?

It turned out that there was. Veytus specialists do not just replace an old machine with a new one — they analyze the production process and then visit the producer, together with engineers representing their customer, in order to assist them in selecting the models that will help streamline the production process. In a word, they offer a full package.

Which companies have benefited from Veytus’s expertise? How have they succeeded? Watch our new film.

Anna Lotkova, Head of the Advertising Department, Veytus:

«Our primary objective was to boost Veytus brand awareness. We wanted to show the difference between Veytus and its competitors and win over new customers. We needed to dispel the myth that our company only sells equipment. We not only sell, but also integrate solutions. We received favourable feedback as soon as the film was posted. It is now much easier to communicate during negotiations. The film effectively delivered our message and came up to our expectations. It has turned into a valuable facilitator».

Our production team:

Script — Yuliya Barabanova
Director — Tatyana Mitchenkova
Design — Svetlana Golovchanskaya
3D Graphics — Rostislav Kiyantsev, Eduard Davletyarov, Dmitry Anashkin, Sergey Slobodyan
Composing, Animation — Dmitry Misharin, Anastasiya Ryazanova
Music — Vladimir Sayko
Editing — Stanislav Tatarenkov
Narration — Roman Voskoboynikov
Production Director — Stanislav Onishchenko
Project Director — Evgeniya Demidova
Project Manager — Elena Nagornaya


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