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A Film about the Bright People Childrens Festival of Creativity

25 February 2013 year

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has organized a children’s festival of creativity … and has invited the entire city! The Mercator team made a film about the event.

Evgeniya Demidova, Mercator Project Manager:

«We love it that a major, reputable organization didn’t turn its anniversary into yet another office party. A free-of-charge festival for kids from our city proved to be the best anniversary gift that the bank could present to its staff, customers and all children. The filming process was so vivid and exciting that we never used graphics or animation when we edited the video. It turned out that we didn’t need them at all».

Tatyana Gulyanitskaya, Mercator Director::

«That was a 13-hour shooting marathon! Four of our crew, armed with cameras, tripods and a steadicam, would ‘dive’ right into the crowd. They were running in front of artists on stilts, peeking into the awesome jaws of a cardboard shark, and marching in the rain together with the viewers. A helicopter was hovering above us, providing panoramic shots. It was fun working on this film, and it seems we managed to capture the spirit of this unique festival».

Our production team:

Director, Scriptwriter — Tatyana Gulyanitskaya
Cameras — Mikhail Simonov, Mikhail Kropochev, Denis Kuritsyn
Steadicam — Vasily Peskishev
Helicopter film crew manager — Ivan Dzhanchatov
Helicopter camera — Dmitry Yeremyanov
Helicopter camera — Dmitry Vavilo-Dollezhal
Correspondent — Valentina Tatarenkova
Design — Ekaterina Sidorova, Svetlana Golovchanskaya
2D Graphics — Anastasiya Ryazanova, Dmitry Misharin
3D Graphics — Vyacheslav Novikov, Andrey Vozniy, Rostislav Kiyantsev, Aleksandr Khudekov, Dmitry Anashkin
Editing — Andrei Shatskikh
Music — Vladimir Saiko
Narration — Tatyana Gulyanitskaya
Production Director — Stanislav Onishchenko
Producer — Elena Cherchik
Project Manager — Evgeniya Demidova


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