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/The BigData Viz Special Project: How Old are Moscows Houses?

The BigData Viz Special Project: How Old are Moscows Houses? 9 November 2013 year

Mercator kicks off a series of projects involving Big Data Visualization—the search for all of the meanings and relationships in the entire bulk of information about a problem. We have already done transactions for Sberbank, speech analysis and much more.

Here it is:

We begin with Moscow, our home city. We took an open map and applied open source data about the age of its houses. We painted a map based upon epochs rather than years — to make it more informative — to discover new facts about how the city has changed through time.

Some of the data is still unavailable, but we will be making updates as soon as we receive it.

Please share your requests at or on Facebook.

We plan to add the Luzhkov/Yeltsin and Luzhkov/Putin epochs very soon. We will add the Sobyanin epoch as soon as we have the data. We will also create an interactive slider bar to select any period, and add streets and infrastructure facilities, along with their age, as well as river contours.

We invite organizations and companies to work on this project together.

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