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/An expert view on the construction of airfields

An expert view on the construction of airfields

4 February 2014 year

The life cycle of the average airfield pavement is approximately 30 years, despite regular high loads. How do they manage to build such a strong “road”? It is all about the approach and technology, and our new film for the Administration of Civil Airports (Airdromes) will tell you more about them.

Evgenija Demidova, Mercator Deputy CEO and project supervisor:

«It is quite symbolic that our first job for the company is associated with MAKS 2013, because we first met at the aviation and space salon three years ago. We had a very tight schedule, but delivered in time. We were very pleased to receive flattering feedback from experts that visited the stand. We hope that the video will help our friends attract new customers, including from sectors other than construction».




Behind the scenes:

About the company:

The Administration of Civil Airports (Airdromes) Federal State Unitary Enterprise was established in September 2002 for the express purpose of serving the interests of the Russian Federation in the management, accounting and safekeeping of the federal property of civil airfields; implementing federal target programs to promote civil aviation; ensuring the effective use of the federal property of civil aviation airports (airdromes); enhancing transport (aviation) safety of civil aviation facilities; attracting off-budget investments in civil aviation facilities.

Our production team:

Script — Olesya Golovatskaya
Cameraman — Andrey Novikov
Engineer — Sergey Solovyev
Design — Natalya Pustynina, Anastasiya Ryazanova
Print design — Sofya Kravetskaya
3D graphics — Dmitry Anashkin, Rostislav Kiyantsev, Anastasiya Ryazanova, Sergey Slobodyan
2D animation — Anastasiya Ryazanova
Editing — Stanislav Tatarenkov
Composer — Vladimir Sayko
Speaker — Ivan Zenkevich
Production Director — Dmitry Misharin
Project Manager — Elena Nagornaya
Project Supervisor — Evgenija Demidova


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