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Analytical Visualization for the Portal 10 February 2014 year

We have realized the dream of many regionalists and created an analytical data visualization for the regions of Russia for, an investment information portal, founded and supplied with information by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Purpose: To select regions according to certain parameters.


1. Sorting through tables is one of the best ways of working with the data, as well as with achieving visualization. You can identify leaders and outsiders with one click.

2. Maps show the geography, economic and demographic parameters, as well as the infrastructure.

3. Charts display four parameters at once: two axes, and the color and size of bubbles. For example, you can see the correlation between the investment potential and the share of people with higher education.

Extras: Limit searches by any of the options.

Enter and learn!

Our production team:

General Producer — Andrey Skvortsov
Head of the Development Team — Alexander Gaponov
Programmers — Viktor Smirnov, Alexey Kuzmichev, Sergei Shpunt, Dmitry Lavrik
Production Group — Kirill Kaplun, Alexander Prozvitsky, Alexander Rybakov
Design — Alexander Livanov, Svetlana Golovchanskaya
Three-Dimensional Graphics — Rostislav Kiyantsev
Technical Consultant — Pavel Shepelenko
Music — Vladimir Sayko
Project Executive — Evgeniya Demidova
Project Manager — Elena Tikhonova, Olga Kozik
Consultant — Vladimir Kozlov
Technical Writer — Galina Artemova


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