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/Weather on NTV 7.0

Weather on NTV 7.0

8 March 2014 year

Finally! A weather display system that has incorporated all of the world's best design features, and also contains a few of our own ideas. Everything works in real time. The coverage area encompasses the entire world. A three-dimensional framework allows you to zoom in on any region. And all this is our own design (jointly with Meteo-TV).

It is pure joy for a TV meteorologist!

You can show:

— Cloud cover as seen from a satellite (real);
— Cloud cover forecast (estimated);
— Direction of air mass movements (arrows);
— Winds and areas with particularly strong winds;
— Areas of precipitation, precipitation intensity and phases (rain/snow);
— Pressure fields, temperature fields (you can see where hot and cold areas are moving);
— Data from the meteorological radar (currently, only for Moscow and the Moscow Region);
— And, of course, numbers and weather symbols by city.

The system was created in close collaboration with the Meteo-TV Television Company and will be used not only by NTV, but also by other channels.


<iframe src='' width='586' height='329' frameborder='0' scrolling='auto' ></iframe>

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