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Anniversary Movie for Centrgaz

25 June 2014 year

An anniversary movie belongs to a special genre. What wishes can one extend to a company’s employees who have gathered virtually around a festive table? To make our toast the most memorable, we had to perform a great deal of work.

Our specialists spent almost two weeks in the archives of the State Film Fund, and discovered a recording featuring the establishment of the Centrgaz Company. This was truly a revelation, not only for the customer, but also for our creative team. Surprisingly enough, the Soviet directors carried out a unique experiment for the middle of the last century: they tried to create a plot based upon the “problem-solution” principle, using the example of the Soyuzcentrgaz Trust (currently, the Centrgaz Company). In fact, they were ahead of the Discovery Channel’s creative producers by as much as forty years! Therefore, our film crew decided, “Let’s build upon the efforts of our fathers!”, and immediately set off on an expedition across the Komi Republic.


Russian version

Frames from the Reel:

Our production team:

Author, director – Mikhail Katsal
Design by Natalia Pustynina
3D animation by Dmitry Anashkin and Rostislav Kiyantsev
2D animation by Anastasiya Ryazanova and Dmitry Misharin
Composer – Vladimir Saiko
Editing by Stanislav Tatarenkov, Andrey Novikov
Narrator – Tatiana Aldoshina
Production manager – Dmitry Misharin
Director of photography – Andrey Novikov
Camera operator – Vitaly Pronin
Engineer, assistant director – Sergey Solovyov
Producer – Yelena Cherchik
Project manager – Yevgeniya Demidova


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