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/New Energy for the Far East: a Thermal Power Plant in the Town of Sovetskaya Gavan

New Energy for the Far East: a Thermal Power Plant in the Town of Sovetskaya Gavan

13 August 2014 year

Imagine that the hot water in your apartment disappears at the end of the heating season. And until the radiators are hot again – for virtually the entire summer – there is no hot water. This is not just a scary story, but a simple reality for the residents of Sovetskaya Gavan, a Far East port town along the Tatar Strait. The history of the fight against such public utility injustice can leave no one untouched, and our creative team was no exception.

In Sovetskaya Gavan, the RusHydro Company is constructing one of four Far East thermal power plants in order to resolve problems with the supply of heat and power that the town is facing. For this specific project, we constructed a virtual thermal power plant with all of its associated facilities, and in order to show the electric and heat capacity, we painted an entire town.


Russian version

Frames from the Reel:

Our production team:

Author – Tatiana Aldoshina
Design – Anastasiya Kovalskaya, Natallia Pustynina and Alexander Livanov
3D animation – Artur Prokurov, Dmitry Anashkin and Ivan Barmin
2D animation – Andrey Grekov and Dmitry Misharin
Composer – Alexander Ospanov
Editing – Stanislav Tatarenkov and Andrey Korygin
Narrator – Polina Oldenburg
Production director – Dmitry Misharin
Project manager – Ilya Kalyadin
General producer – Andrey Skvortsov


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