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/The Journey From Petersburg to Moscow: 220 Years Later

The Journey From Petersburg to Moscow: 220 Years Later

27 August 2014 year

There is a legend that in Russia there are two troubles, one of which is involved in repairing the other. Together with the specialists of the Avtodor Company, our creative team decided to find out whether this stereotype is true for modern reality. Is it possible to construct a highway where there were no decent roads at all three hundred years ago? What does this involve and why is it so expensive?


Russian version | Youtube version (only rus.)

Frames from the Reel:

Our production team:

Author, director – Mikhail Katsal
Director of photography – Andrey Novikov
Camera operator – Vitaly Pronin
Assistant director – Alexander Solovyov
Aerial photography team leader – Dmitry Sapozhnikov
Producer – Yelena Cherchik
Design – Natalia Pustynina
3D animation – Dmitry Anashkin , Artur Prokurov, Ivan Barmin and Rostislav Kiyantsev
2D animation – Roman Varlamov, Artur Prokurov, Andrey Grekov and Dmitry Misharin
Composer – Vladimir Sayko
Editing – Stanislav Tatarenkov and Andrey Korygin
Narrator – Alexey Sukhanov
Production director – Dmitry Misharin
Project managers – Andrey Kozlov and Yevgeniya Demidova
General producer – Andrey Skvortsov


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